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Emanuela Bianchi awarded START grant 2018

We are very happy and proud to announce that Emanuela Bianchi was awarded a START grant by the FWF for her research proposal "Heterogeneously Charged Colloids for Materials Design". The START Programme targets outstanding young researchers of any discipline and aims to provide researchers with long-term and extensive financial security to plan their research and to build up their own research groups thereby qualifying themselves for senior research positions. Every year only six researchers, who need to provide an excellent research proposal and an exceptional international track record, are awarded this prestigious prize, which comes with funding from 800.000 € up to 1.200.000 €. We wish Emanuela all the best with her research project.

Featured in the newsletter by TU Wien: Drei START-Preise für die TU Wien

Emanuela Bianchi, Josef Füssl, and Philipp Haslinger are the recipients of START grants at TU Wien in 2018.

Self Assembly of Janus particles under shear

In the paper, the effect of shear flow on the self-assembly behavior of Janus particles is investigated in the regime of micelles formation. Under quiescent conditions, the colloids form spherical aggregates of different sizes, where the attractive hemispheres are directed towards the core and the repulsive caps are exposed to the solvent. When a strong shear is applied, the micelles disaggregate. Nonetheless, an intermediate shear rate regime is found, where the balance between rearrangement and dissociation favors the growth of the aggregates. Moreover, a small shear rate can push the system to form mainly icosahedral micelles that are the most stable due to their high symmetry.

Published and featured as cover article in Soft Matter 11, 4767 (2015)

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