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Open PhD positions

Open PhD position: Soft Matter Systems under non-equilibrium conditions

Soft matter systems are ubiquitous in our daily lives, with examples ranging from biology to technological applications. This project offers the possibility to work on bio-related soft matter systems under non-equilibrium conditions, i.e., in a highly actual and strongly interdisciplinary research field. To be more specific we will use - similar as in experiment - external fields (such as fluid flow and external forces) to induce these conditions (see figure).

We warmly welcome a highly motivated and enthusiastic new group member, with experience and skills in computational sciences.

Please find more details on the newly opened PhD-position [here].

A colloidal particle (green) moving actively or passively in a transient network formed by semi-flexible polymeric chains (blue and orange particles).

Please contact Gerhard Kahl for any other open PhD positions available in our group.