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Benedikt Hartl

Title: DI BSc
Position: PhD student (ÖAW DOC)
Email: benedikt.hartl(at)
Contact: Room DBO10A24, 10th floor
Phone: +4315880113631
Fax: +4315880113699


1. "Optimal control of non-Markovian dynamics in a single-mode cavity strongly coupled to an inhomogeneously broadened spin ensemble"
D. Krimer, B. Hartl, F. Mintert, S. Rotter Physical Review A 96, 043837 (2017)

2. "Hybrid quantum systems with collectively coupled spin states: suppression of decoherence through spectral hole burning"
D. Krimer, B. Hartl, S. Rotter Physical Review Letters 115, 033601 (2015)


1. "Optimal Control of Collective Dynamics in Cavity-QED - A Spin Ensemble Based Storage Device"
B. Hartl, D. Krimer, F. Mintert, S. Rotter, May 16 2017, IRTG- Seminar, Freiburg (Germany)

2. "Optimal Control of Collective Dynamics in Cavity-QED"
B. Hartl, December 05 2016, ViCoM Lectures 2016, Vienna (Austria)


1. "Predictive theoretical modeling of molecular self-assembly at an electrochemical solid-liquid interface"
B. Hartl , G. Kahl, K. Cui, S. De Feyter, M. Walter, S. Mertens, 10th Liquid Matter Conference, July 17-21 2017, Ljubljana (Slovenia)

2. "Softness- and anisometry-driven self-assembly in colloidal systems"
B. Hartl , DOC award ceremony of the Austrian Academy of Sciences 2017, June 09 2017, Vienna (Austria)